Getting ‘Chicked’!

December 10, 2011

Guys are generally a competitive bunch, and generally speaking, I am one of those guys.

I, like most of these competitive guys, don’t like or want to come second, to lose, or to be beaten….. and especially not by a girl!!

They call it ‘being chicked’!

Some would make excuses, swear, rant, rave, hide, or hang up their bike forever, but for the past 3days, I have just learnt to live with it.

Where have I been for the past 3 days, I’ve been in the box, that’s where!

A perk of being the VIS women’s cycling team mechanic is that I get to ride my bike while on training camps, but the downside is I have many extremely talented and fit chicks ripping me up!

A 4 day training camp based in Apollo Bay has seen some quality rides through the beautiful Otways, with plenty of climbing.

It’s been a hard few days on the bike, but also very enjoyable. I don’t mind ‘being chicked’ by some of our country’s best female bike riders!

Keep you posted,


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